The Beijing Stone Carving Art Museum
The Beijing Stone Carving Art Museum(BSCM) is located on the southern end of Zhongguancun Street,Haidian District,alone the northern bank of the Chang River,east to the Baishi Bridge.It used to be the royal temple"zhenjue"of Tibetan Buddhism in the Ming Dynasty,and is nowadays neighboured by Beijing Zoo in the south across the Chang River,the National Weather Service in the north,the Capital Indoor Stadium in the west,and the Beijing Aquarium in the east.Surrounded by noisy streets and traffic,the museum serves as a place for elegance and peace.
The idea of building a museum of stone carving was inspired by the remains of a Vajrasana Pagoda from the Zhenjue Temple.Opening in 1987,it is the first local museum in china that collects stone carving antiques all over Beijing and holds outdoor exhibitions.Through the efforts for more than 20 years,BSCM has made admirable progress in collection,exhibition,research and public education.To keep in step with the latest ideas of international museum management and service,BSCM is exploring new mode of development,digging deep into the culture of stone carving,and experimenting on the inter-action with audiences,so as to provide a better place for art appreciation and the pursuit of humanistic beauty.